"Lady Lucy of Springville"
"Lady Lucy of Springvill ALAA registered.  Penn hip tested.  F-1 red mini.
Our little Lucy is such a great little dog.  Her favorite thing is to be by my side on the couch or where ever I go.  She is my shadow.  She loves to chase her ball and she gets more than a little insulted if some other dog gets it first.  Her next litter will be about Oct 07  Her puppies are very sought after and the lucky owners can't say enough good about them.  The first two litters were F1B, her third and fourth was F-2 sired by Maestro.  Lucy has a very good penn hip score and she is vWD and PRA clear. Next litter about Nov or Dec 07.  Lucy's pups are very very smart and cute and they go fast so make your reservations early for this next litter.
Lucy is a strong red producer. The above puppy is F1B "Beri" from her second litter.
Lucy was six months old in this picture, Jeckyl was in the spot she claimed as her own so she just sat on him.  They stayed that way for about one hour.
Third litter of ten little F-2 Maestro pups, we kept back a couple of girls from this litter to test for breeding possibilities, they passed their breeder testing and they are now in guardian homes for future litters.
This is "Jessie James"  He now lives in Holland at DP-Labradoodles.com
He is from the Lucy/Maestro litter born 5-13-06.   He has sired several very successful litters for them.
This is Lucy's sister Zoey who lives in Canada with Lucy's Breeder, her web site is http://www.labracadabra.org

Zoey adopted this little orphan goat as her own special little project since the goat needed a surrogate mama. Zoey tends to the goat as if it were her own little puppy.   Zoey had two litters of pups and then was spayed to be enjoyed as a pet.
Sienna is a well loved pet, she lives in Calif. with her forever family. 
Sienna is 15" tall and 17 lbs. 
She is now certified as a pet therapy dog for seniors. Way to go Sienna!
Sailor is a well loved pet. she lives in Tualatin, Oregon with her forever family
Pepper is red with strong white mis-marks, we are hoping she will start a line of red/white parti's.  Pepper is our girl who lives in a guardian home.
Beri is a Lucy daughter who lives
with us in our home.
Annie and Abigail are two Lucy daughters who live with us, both will soon be retired and be our forever pets, they have earned their dog food for the rest of their lives and we love them too much to part with them.
If you have a Lucy puppy that you would like to be included on this page, please send us a full sized photo of your puppy.  Do not size it down or it will not come out good on this page, my program will size it down.   Give us details as to size, weight and any fun details you can think of.
Dixie Doodle is from Lucy's first litter
She is a breeder girl for Helen Macan
Cindy and Teddy
Cindy (bottom) will be part of our breeding program, Teddy is a well loved pet.  They live in Vancouver, Wa
Kimber is a breeder for Darby Park Doodles in Brentwood, Calif
Abigail's daughter Snickers is also a breeder for Darby Park Doodles
Maya is a well loved pet.  She lives with Susan Fox
in Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Brooke lives in Pleasanton Calif.  She is a breeder for LakeSide Labradoodles
These pups are from Lucy's litter born 11-15-07, group picture taken 1-8-2008
individual pix below.
Peppermint Patti, she is staying with us
to be tested as a breeder
Ginger is Co-owned with Walk in the Park Labradoodles in Tacoma Washington.  She
is being tested as a breeder.
Brad Pitt
Sambo is now called Bandon
Boy George
pic updated 1-28-08
Happy Hannah
photo taken 2-28-08
This litter was born 11-15-07  Lucy and Royal
This is Patti on 7-06-08
watching AFV