Alley is double registered with both associations.
Alley in full coat
This is Alley when she was groomed down for breeding and whelping in Feb. 2011.  You can see her beautiful dark color is holding well.
Springville Alley Oop was born 9-2-2009.  She is a small medium size Labradoodle with a gorgeous non shedding fleece coat.  Alley lives in a guardian home in Albany, Or and she is a well loved pet, she has her very own boy to spoil her and she sleeps on his bed.  Alley is about the sweetest and quietest girl I have ever been around, she never barks.  Her temperment is wonderful and mellow, she loves to play but has a very quiet nature about her.  She is a joy.  Alley is OFA excellent hips, elbows normal, Cerf normal and cleared for all 23 canine diseases
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